ColorpHast pH Strips - Single Box

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pH Range: 11.0 - 13.0
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Package Size: 100 pH Strips per Box
Get accurate results - every time!
The indicators in colorpHast® pH test strips give you such sharp, clear color
changes, it's easy to make accurate readings. All you have to do is match the
color scale on the side of the colorpHast® package to the pH testing strips.
Common liquids pH strips are used on: 
- Solutions
- Drinking Water
- Salvia
- Urine  
1. Remove the strip from the box.
2. Immerse the reaction zone of the strip into the solution for approximately 3-5 seconds or until there is no further color change.**
3. Remove the strip from the solution, wiping the strip along the edge of the vessel to remove excess liquid from the strip.
4. Compare the reaction zones to the color chart on the box holding the strip to the top of the box with the reaction zones to the bottom of the box.
5. Record the results of the closest matching color to the strip.
** For weakly buffered solutions, an extended period of time may be necessary. In these cases, immerse strip until there is no further color change (1-10 minutes). Because the indicator is covalently bound to the colorpHast® strip, the test strip may be immersed in the solution for longer periods of time if necessary.

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